My first blog is how YOU can make your first app!

Starting Out – Your First App


First, a little back end stuff. You need to load the software on your computer that will help you create the app.

STEP 1. Get an Apple ID if you don’t have one.

STEP 2. Download the Xcode software here:
Note: don’t do the Beta version! that means they haven’t worked the kinks out yet

STEP 3. Apple Developer Account – hold up!
The Apple Developer account is $99. HOWEVER, you don’t have to purchase this just yet. In fact, Apple has   changed their policy and you don’t need this to test your first app.   Find out more with this article:

Creating the App

First, In my opinion, the mac daddy of all video series is from University of Stanford – Paul Hagerty. However, this assumes you’ve done some programming before. If not – skip to OPTION TWO below.

His class is free on iTunes University and includes slides you can download:

Here are the videos on YouTube (slides are only on iTunes):

Things to know before your start:

  • These links are to videos about iOS8 (Swift). He comes out each semester with updated class videos, so search and make sure you’re watching the latest video series.
  • He jumps right in assuming you are a strong object-oriented programmer. If you’re not, don’t start with these videos.   I’ve seen people’s eyes glaze over and quit – and I don’t want that for you!
  • Don’t assume you have to understand EVERY WORD he says at the beginning. Just skip over the parts you don’t understand and come back to them later – I promise it will start to make sense.



This is for those with NO programming experience.  These are “simple” videos for the complete beginner:

This video is great – but it’s older (objective C).


The next logical step is to search the internet for more videos.    Before you do this, I want to point out some things.

  • There’s a lot of “older” tutorials out there.    The first apps for iPhone and iPad were written only in Objective-C (first versions of Xcode).
  • In Aug of 2014, Apple released a new programming language called Swift. This language is evolving, so sometimes you still have to use Objective C to do what you want (but that’s for advanced stuff).
  • For you beginners, you can make your app just using Swift (with the XCODE software)
How do I know if the tutorial is Swift or Obj C?

By looking at the file extensions!

  • If it’s  .h  or  .m  then it’s Objective C
  • If it’s .swift then it’s swift
  • Note – your project can have all of these file extensions and still work (but Apple wants you to move to Swift)

Check out this video (it’s Objective C). It’s a great video, but you’ll note the file extentions are all .h or .m (that’s header and implementation files).

<update 5/2016 – This video has been removed from YouTube>

This video was created by a kid – so maybe a little less intimidating?


There are loads of videos on YouTube and the internet.   Here’s a few of my favorites (that are series that walk you through many topics):

– Ray Wenderlich

– Simon Allardice”>”>

(and he has a lot of videos on You Tube)

You can also take a course at your local community college. I took this one at Richland College in Dallas, Texas (IMED 1391)

Search Richland Schedule:

Hope this helps you figure out where to begin.
Happy Programming!! :)